These times, they are a changin


I have been trained on, certified on, demoed on so many new software and apps in the last few months that I almost feel like my brain will explode. But man, what I am discovering is incredible. I have seen the light and am embracing cloud based software and apps like it is the greatest thing since the cell phone freed us up.

My industry is changing so rapidly and so significantly that I can get excited about it again. Where some feel artificial intelligence will replace tax preparers and bookkeepers, I am feeling pumped about what we can now do when not spending hours and days completing those tasks. We can now help clients streamline, automate, accelerate the flow of information from your business so that both the accountant and the client can dedicate energy toward growing the business, making sound, real-time decisions, reading the financial information so you know what you need to do to climb to the next peak of success.

I am completely rebuilding my practice to embrace the relationship, the soup-to-nuts accounting product, partnering with our clients in a way we have never done before and I am excited to get here everyday and find more ways that we can apply the same ideas to my company that I am suggesting to clients.

If you are lagging behind, don’t really know what apps do or how you might use them, have not checked in with your competitors or your industry to see what is the latest and greatest, you are missing out on some really great stuff that will transform you business. We want to transform businesses!  And we now have the tools to do it in a really exciting way!


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