My Path to Enlightenment: Find Solutions in Technology!!


I am trying to revamp my practice in 2018. Tax season just gets harder and harder and I don’t want to be ruled by it anymore. I want a more well-rounded practice with year round steady revenues and I want to get back to what I really love…..helping people create wealth especially with the small businesses they own. My skill set did not start with tax preparation, it started in management and I want to get back to that.

So, as you can imagine, I could not do much during tax season though I did work in a couple of things that I wish I had known about before. One thing I realized as we started to gain more clients who need management accounting, outsourced CFO services and comprehensive bookkeeping was that we were not a well oiled machine. Things got lost in the cracks, the lack of standardized processes were killing us. So today I signed up for a demo on a task management app that allows you to build projects and assign tasks to employees. There is a way of attaching streamlined procedures and instructions to each task so that anyone who gets assigned that task or has to take it over for another employee can just follow the instructions, links to documents, etc. Once you build your “library” of processes, task, projects, you can just use the same process over and over and any new employee could pick up the task with little need for hours of supervision on your part.

I fell in love! Can’t wait to start using it to standardize every bookkeeping client we have with a step by step process from reconcile the bank account to print the financial statements and EVERY possible step in between that you want your staff to accomplish and sign off of. I feel a heave weight is lifting because I spent a little time and found a solution that will save me time, headaches, panic, and my sanity.

Growth is good when you first prepare yourself for growth. Nothing is more frustrating than wanting to grow and then lose the clients that find you because you are not prepared to handle them!


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