Want to know what you can do to help your CPA prepare your taxes this year?


* Take your documents out of the envelopes! Don’t make us open your mail or take something out of an envelope that you put back into it.

* Use the organizer they sent you to organize your documents. Make sure you have everything you are supposed to have or let them know what you are missing and when they can expect it.

*Look at any hand-written pages you are providing and make sure they are easy to follow. Summarize information on a cover page. We don’t need to see the list of amounts that you used to get to a total, we mostly just want the total. I know the sheet made sense to you when you started to create it, but can we easily follow it without too much clutter on the page?

* Keep in mind that we are getting an enormous amount of information from a lot of people and in a lot of different ways. Write your name on any sheets or documents you are providing if they do not have your name on them. If a piece of paper gets separated from your file, would we be able to know who it belonged to?

* If you have questions, email them, or write them down. Again, we are talking to a ton of people and it is so much easier if we do not have to take notes from a voice mail or a conversation if you could just write your questions down and answer our questions in writing, email is great for that. Voice mail means we have to take notes, when what we really want is documentation of your responses, not our notes of them.

* Remember that our response time may get slower. We have a lot of appointments with clients and when working on a tax return, need to focus and concentrate on that. Answering the phone and immediately responding to email makes it pretty tough to get anything done while keeping your train of thought on the tax return in front of you. We really appreciate a little patience and understanding.

Do I sound a little cranky? Well maybe. We do a ridiculous amount of work in a very short time and managing the information of 100 to several hundred clients is a huge task in and of itself. The clients that get that and respect the challenges of this season make me want to kiss them! We find a way to make sure they know how much we appreciate their efforts to make our job easier. We buy a ton of gift cards!!



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