Yes, there is most certainly an App for that!

I am going through a re-birth of sorts. I recently came out of my cave and decided to look at all the new technologies that are out there. Some are specific for CPAs, tax preparers, accountants and bookkeepers, but others are just good for everyone. I am now hooked on a couple of Apps that are making my life easier in the extreme.
The one that is tripping my trigger this week is TypeForm. It is an easy way to create forms that you use repeatedly. My first form was a questionnaire that I can send to potential new clients to gather information that will allow me to first determine if they are a client I want to pursue, but then to allow me to speak to their specific situation. It has questions that are fill in the blank text, multiple choice, yes/not, select from a drop down list, etc. It is so easy to use and I love the way it appears to the person you send it to. There is a welcome screen and then the questions start to appear and after each one is answered, the next question appears. Some questions can be required such that the person cannot skip the question without an answer.
I love it! I have sent it to several people who have contacted my firm and I have quickly gotten responses that allowed me to
* gather information I needed without my time involved at all
* I can now be consistent with the information I ask for and get
* it keeps the information for more relying on my notes
* it allowed me to identify a couple of inquiries that are not a good fit for
my firm and communicate that without wasting time with the initial
30 minute consultation we offer. A huge time saver for me!
I then created a Zap that notifies me when someone uploads responses, takes the answers and populates a Google Sheet so all my inquiries and their answers are in one place that I can easily see and track. This is just one of countless uses of a form such as this. The automation and standardization of the process is going to save us time, ensure we get all the information we need and makes my firm look good by providing a professional, fun way to gather information.
Check it out! And, not I am not getting paid to say this about TypeForm, I just like to share all the great stuff I am learning that makes business easy, sexy, fun and allows all of us to be more productive and successful

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