Is there a real IRS agent at my doorstep?


If an IRS agent makes an in-person visit to your home or business and it feels a little off, ask for credentials.

The IRS DOES NOT call you unless you have initiated a conversation with them first and you start communicating on the phone. They don’t email you either without first a letter sent to you and then if you start resolving an issue with them they may email you. But they NEVER initiate a conversation with you by phone or email. Anyone calling you at home or on your cell is a scammer. Be very forceful with them and tell them to stop calling. Tell them that you will report the phone number with the Attorney General and then block their number. If by some weird coincidence they are legit, the will revert to sending written correspondence.

All real IRS agents should carry two forms of identification showing that they’re legit – a personal identity verification card and a pocket commission card. And regardless of how an agent is contacting you, you can always ask for his/her name, badge number and phone number and call the IRS at 1-800-366-4484 to confirm the agent is a true employee.



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