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Can’t file your 2016 tax return by April 18? File an extension request with the IRS to get an extra six months to file.

The automatic extension gives you more time to file your taxes. You still must pay your taxes due by April 18, 2017.

Federal gift tax returns are due on the same date as your income tax return – April 18, 2017.

Taking the standard deduction is easy, but compare it to itemized deductions to find the option with the best tax results.

If you had a large refund or owed a large balance on your tax return, consider adjusting your tax withholding on your W-4 with your employer.

The IRS is holding $1 billion in unclaimed refunds for the 2013 tax year.

April 18, 2017 is the deadline for making 2016 IRA contributions.

Using direct deposit to receive your tax return? Triple-check your account and routing numbers.

If you haven’t collected a refund for taxes you paid in 2013, you have until April 18, 2017 to do so.

Your child may have to file a tax return if they had income in 2016. Call us if you have questions.

IRS second quarter 2017 interest rates for overpaid and underpaid taxes remain the same as first quarter rates.

Keep tax records of simple returns for three years after filing; keep complex returns for seven years.

The first installment of 2017 quarterly estimated tax is due April 18, 2017.

Your deadline update. Call us if you need assistance with a 2016 return.


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