Having problems keeping employees?


Is retention of good employees a priority for your business? Consider conducting “stay” interviews. These meetings between managers and valued employees can provide insight into why your employees like their jobs, which in turn lets you know how to retain the employees. Conducted on a regular basis, generally more than once a year, stay interviews tell employees you’re serious about accepting feedback and keeping them on the job.

One-on-one time with employees you want to keep is always helpful. Just showing them that they are a priority and you are interested in their thoughts shows them that you value and appreciate their work. You should also mine your current employees for ideas to make the running of your business smoother. You might be surprised on what you will hear and discover ideas that would really work.

Make time to talk with each of your employees who are important to the success of your business and everyone will feel more involved, appreciated and more willing to go the extra mile to make your business a success.


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