Great Tools from the QuickBooks Connect Conference.


My firm recently attended the QuickBooks Connect conference in San Jose, Ca and were amazed at the advancements of QuickBooks Online and the Apps that have been developed around the online bookkeeping product.

The winner of the App contest was “Share a Refund” which is a company that audits your shipping invoices and processes a refund for all of the shipping bills that we incorrectly billed on ones that are due a refund due to late delivery or other issues. There is no upfront fee, they simply process for your refund and keep 1/2 of the refunds they are successful with.

If you spend a significant amount of money on shipping, you will definitely want to check out this product. Below is information from their website and a YouTube video about Share a Refund.

Automatic refund credits.
UPS and FedEx give customers a full-refund on shipping costs when a shipment is delivered late, unshipped or misbilled. The catch is that these refunds are not automatic. Each shipment must be audited and a claim filed when a refund is due. A process that is both complicated and time-intensive. Share a Refund is here to help.

Share a Refund gets all of the refund credits available within FedEx and UPS accounts. A comprehensive, 40-point audit is performed on each shipment, and actions are immediately taken to secure 100% of the refund credits available.

Think of Share a Refund like auto-correct for FedEx and UPS shipping invoices, checking for late shipments and billing mistakes. When mistakes are found, claims are filed and refunds are secured back to your shipping accounts automatically. All work is done for a split of the savings delivered, hence the name: Share a Refund.

Share a Refund Informational Video


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