Extended Individual Returns are Due Soon! Fall Planning….


Don’t forget to finalize your extended personal income tax returns by October 15th. If you extended to fund a self-employed retirement fund like a SEP, you must make the contribution by October 15th and then file your return by that due date as well.

Fall is a great time to consider tax planning and preparing for 2017 with a better plan on how to manage your finances and taxes. If you have not fully funded your 401(k) for 2016, consider increasing your voluntary contributions during the last quarter of the year to get the tax advantage of retirement savings.

Consider changing how you spend money during the holidays and go with a more simple approach, save the money you normally spend for more important, long term goals.

Fund your HSA, fund your children’s college fund using a tax advantageous Colorado 529 plan (or the plan for your state if you do not live in beautiful Colorado)

Take control of your finances, re-evaluate your long term goals, connect with what is really important to your family’s future and cut down on that impulse spending to increase your chances of reaching bigger goals that getting that Starbucks fix today!


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