The Building of a Business Plan….Part 3


Okay.  You know what it is you do and sell.  You know who you want to sell these services and products to.  Now, let’s explore how you are going to be the most successful in selling your services to the people you most want to sell them to.

To develop the most targeted and successful marketing plan, you need to know the following: Do they want to buy from you? If so, why do they want to buy from you specifically?  If not, why do they not want to buy from you?  The answers to these questions become the foundation of your strategies.

Make a list of all the reasons why your target market wants to buy your product or service and why they want to buy from you specifically.  These reasons include proximity, ease of transaction, personality characteristics, expertise, experience, enthusiasm, price, quality, value perception.  List everything you can think of; tangible, intangible, factual and only in perception.  You will use these selling points as the centerpiece of your marketing campaign.

Then attack the reasons why your target market might not want to do business with you.  Use the same list as you did above. Add to that list things like they already buy from someone else, they aren’t aware of you, they don’t know how to make the decision, your new to the industry and other reasons people will not, are not, have not yet become a customer.  Find all the reasons why your desired customer would not choose you or your company so you can then address these reasons in your marketing information.  Basically, you want to address these issues so you can change their mind.  Correct their impressions that make them hesitate to buy from you, change their mind on other reasons, provide the information they need to get past their initial impression or decision that your company is not the one for them.  You might not change their mind, but to avoid addressing the reasons why people will not do business with you ensures that they will, in fact, not do business with you.  By addressing the reasons you find, you can change those aspects of your product, service or business model that keep customers you want from becoming customers.

Other than using your own knowledge to come up with the reasons why potential customers will or will not become customers, you can also seek the information in other ways.  Surveys, focus groups, interviews with current customers or prospects that did not become customers, internet research on buying trends for your specific industry, etc.

This exercise clarifies how to be the most successful in selling to customers that are already inclined to buy from you, but will allows you to press to your advantage the reasons you have determined they should choose you over other providers.  It also gives you the tools you need to address reservations desired customers may have for buying from you and convert them from lost prospects to customers.

You’re well on your way to being able to develop a marketing plan now that you have thoroughly answered these questions.  You should be starting to feel more centered and anchored in writing your business plan.  Ideas are probably already forming as to how you can develop or change your marketing strategy or how you need to re-package your product or services to reach your most desired customer.

Good luck in this step.  You are increasing your chances for success substantially by completing this process.  There is power in knowledge, clarification and organization of this information. It allows you to act in a more proactive manner that has a significantly improved chance of success.


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