Revisit Accounting Procedures and Systems


The New Year is a great time to revisit your accounting procedures and systems. I am frequently interested to see how companies use their QuickBooks software and how we can almost always improve their procedures, make the software easier to use, more efficient and a better tool for monitoring the profitability of their business.

For an investment of less than $500, you can get a thorough review of your QuickBooks software, an analysis of the financial reports it is generating, an improvement to your accounting systems and a reduction of the frustration frequently associated with the software. For our clients who have hired us to work with them, we have never had anyone come out of the process without feeling it was totally worth the time, effort and expense.

It is a case of you don’t know what you don’t know. We can give you more control over the tool your financial statements should be for you, make the software more powerful for you and give you procedures that ensure your financial statements are accurate. If you want to make the most effective, most efficient use of your QuickBooks software, let us help you with a review of your procedures, an analysis of the state of your information and you can go into 2016 fully armed and prepared to have a more successful year.


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