Customizing QuickBooks Displays


Did you know that you can customize the look of the Customer, Vendor, Employee and other centers on QuickBooks?

It is pretty easy to adjust the width of the columns that appear and most of you have probably already used that feature. (Place your cursor at the edge of any column until the plus mark shows and then just move you cursor to the desired width)  But you can also customize what columns appear in each center and adjust the order in which they appear.

Let’s use the Customer Center a an example.  Would you like to be able to see customers phone numbers and emails when you open the customer center?  No need to go into each clients folder, just add those fields to the display of the Customer Center.

At the Customer Center, place your cursor on one of the columns and right click.  Then choose customize columns from the drop down list.  The next screen shows you the available fields you can add to the “Chosen Columns” section.  Select from the available options and press add.  The options include among others; Email, Phone, Fax, Mobile, credit limit, days overdue, facebook, twitter, notes and many others.  From this screen you can also remove columns you do not want to display and move the fields around using the Move Up and Move Down option.

Design your QuickBooks to best suit the information you want quick access to using this feature.

Contact us today if you need assistance customizing your QuickBooks to save time, be more efficient and just familiarize yourself with features that have been added to the software that you might not be aware of.  It is an incredible tool and most people are not aware of the many features added over the last several years to make it an enormously functional software.


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