Are your using QuickBooks to download your bank transactions?


If not, this is a real time saver.  QuickBooks has improved what was formerly known as Online Banking.  You can manage your banking and credit card balances in QuickBooks by securely downloading transactions from the financial institution directly into your data file.  QuickBooks will match the downloaded transactions to existing transactions and will mark for review any discrepancies.  No need to manually enter the missing transactions.

You stay in control, by accepting or ignoring the transactions before adding them to QuickBooks.  You can seamlessly log in to the financial institution within QuickBooks or you can download a file from the financial institution website and then import this file into QuickBooks.

The method you choose is often determined by your bank’s participation in the QuickBooks Bank Feeds feature

Whether you are up-to-date with your transaction data entry or behind, Bank Feeds will help confirm, reconcile and add missing transactions.  The result will be more accurate and timely reporting of your business expenses and account balances.

If you need help discovering the latest features in the QuickBooks software or need help making sure you are getting the most out of your software, we would love to work with you to improve your bookkeeping, input and reconciliation processes.


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