Doing what you can to help yourself, helps your CPA firm.


One week and counting to the W2, 1099 deadline.  Thanks to January 31st falling on a Saturday, the actual deadline is February 2nd, but don’t let this last week get away from you.  Once you have the 4th quarter payroll and annual returns completed and out the door. remember to make an appointment with your CPA to get on their schedule.  Making that commitment will also give you a deadline to work toward.

We encourage our clients to get into our office by the end of February by offering a $5 gift card to a variety of popular spots.  It is amazing how well that incentive works and it makes our season go so much better by getting more returns into a month when we have time available.  The more returns we can get into the office in February, the better March and April go.  If you want to get your return done quickly, then be one of the first returns in the door.  Our turn around time is much quicker in February than it is in late March.

We love early filers and those who know in advance that they are going to extend.  Whatever we can do to relieve March and early April the better for us.  Keep in mind that is a crazy busy time for your CPA firm.  It is hard to imagine the amount of information we are taking in, the sheer volume of emails, phone calls and documents we are handling.  Please have a little more patience with us and streamline your return process.  Do what you can to give us a complete return package, follow up with any new information via email or fax….something in writing that leaves a trail of your providing the information.  Avoid leaving information on voice mail because we then have to transpose that message into writing anyway for our files. An email or fax is just so much easier to add to your file.

It may take longer for us to respond to emails or phone calls; we’re trying to be responsive while keeping track of all of the information we are taking in and all of the deadlines we are dealing with, all while preparing a few hundred returns.  It is a hectic time, we’re doing the best we can.

As crazy as it is and as many hours as we are working, we do actually enjoy tax season because we interact with a lot of clients we only talk to once a year.  We love what we do, we want happy clients, we recognize how good we have it.  Oh, and we love referrals.


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