You are almost out of time to make a donation


Tomorrow is the last day you can make a donation and get a deduction for 2014.

Remember those organizations that you think do a great job of improving our community and the lives of others, protecting animals and the environment, or whatever else you are passionate about participating in and write and post mark that check by tomorrow.

Do a quick purge of your closet, dresser, shoe bin, book case, storage room or garage.  Load it in your car and get it to a Goodwill, Salvation Army or ARC donation center.  Avoid those dumpster like containers placed in parking lots, who knows where that stuff goes and you can’t get a receipt proving your donation.

Donating online is a great way to GET IT DONE and your credit card charge is the proof you need to show a 2014 donation.

A few of my favorites:


Heifer International


Hope for Paws

Best Friends Animal Society

We are gearing up for tax season.  Contact us if you need help getting your financials current or if you need any tax returns prepared.  We love new clients!


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