Great Customer Service when you sell your time


When a client calls you, there is an 80% chance that
the call will result in billable time. With such a high
probability of selling more services, it seems that a
policy of promptly returning calls will pay off nicely.

Your clients expect that if they call you, you’ll respond
promptly. Don’t assume that you know the level of urgency
of anyone’s phone call. Simply make it a habit to return
calls A.S.A.P.

Don’t screen your clients’ calls. If the boss is in, he
or she should be in for all clients. It is very irritating
for your clients to be asked who is calling and then be
told that you’re not available.  I always feel like I have been screened when they first tell me they will check to see if he/she is in and then, not in for my call…..I am not important enough to pass the screening test….

If you are indeed unavailable, all callers should be told
that you’re in a meeting and that you’ll be returning
calls as soon as possible. At that point, ask the caller’s
name and take a message. The client won’t feel as rejected
knowing that you’re unavailable regardless of who is calling.

Prompt return of your client phone calls will result in
happier, more satisfied clients – and very likely in more
profitable business for you.

I try and follow these guidelines because I bill for my time and my business is an annuity based business…meaning that I keep clients for years, so you want to keep them happy in order to be able to keep that revenue stream.  It is much easier to keep a client than it is to gain a new one!

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