Easy QuickBooks Desktop View


I am surprised how frequently I look at a client’s copy of QuickBooks that their desktop view a little frenetic, disorganized and not as user-friendly as it can be with the click of a couple of menu items.  Here is my easy tip for organizing your desktop view of your QuickBooks file.

Across the top menu options is the “View” option.  Under “View” there are two options you can select.  One is “One Window” versus multiple windows and the other is “Open Window List”.  The “One Window” makes it such that only one open window displays at a time.  This cleans up your desktop view considerably and the one open window is as large on your screen as it can be.  The “Open Window List” displays a list of all of the windows you have open on the left hand sidebar.  If you want to go back and forth from Create Invoices, Receive Payments and your A/R Aging Report, you can just click on the window you want to see next from the left had side.  I find with multiple windows open, you have to keep clicking on windows in the background to find the one that you want.  So not only is it messy, but not efficient.  I usually work with several windows open at a time and I just look at my left sidebar and navigate back and forth.

The only windows for which this is not great is when you have several “transaction detail” reports open.  You can’t tell from the sidebar which report is which, so you have to keep clicking.  But for the vast majority of the windows you will keep open and use frequently, this is a much more efficient way of navigating between windows while keeping your desktop view clean and maximized for optimum viewing.

Try this option and see if you do not like the look of your QuickBooks desktop better.


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